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Think of the keyw ord – complete. Full Moon is the time of completion. What is now complete? What do you no longer need in your life, in your thoughts, in your energy field? What project have you completed and are ready to let it go into the Universe so you can move on to the next great adventure? This is the time for conscious releasing!

Tools You Need:

·   Writing tool
·   Candle
·   Incense – If you enjoy it
·   Small Fireproof Container or Large Shell 

·   Small strips of paper that will easily burn. You can use magic paper. I use Club Rolling Papers. I know…don’t say it…but they work great. There is no chemical on them, so they

    burn in a flash with no ash.

Go to your Sacred Space. Your sacred space can be anywhere you choose. If you have not created a sacred space just go somewhere where you feel especially connected to your Soul; a place where you feel attuned to Source. Your space can be inside or outside. And of course, choose a space where you will not be disturbed.

Sit down and light your candle and incense. Connect with the Divine. However you choose to do that. I use a prayer – “Divine Mother Father, Friend, Beloved God, surround me with your love as I celebrate this beautiful lunar cycle” Then I call in my TEAM – “Angels, Archangels, Guides, Teachers, Ascended Masters, Those from the Other Realms and Loved Ones on the other side of life I invite you to step in for this moon celebration.”  You might simply say, “I AM”. This is your ritual. Use whatever works for you!

Now, close your eyes and come to your breath. Just watch your breath. Allow. Let yourself be breathed.

When you are feeling centered let your mind flow to what you are willing to RELEASE RIGHT NOW. What keeps you from being balanced? From being Joyful? What is blocking your abundance?

When you have clarity, open your eyes and begin to write your releasements. (Write each on a separate strip of paper).

Say “I now release fill in with your releasement statement for the highest and best through all directions of time. Thank you for the lessons I have learned. This no longer has power over me”.

Light the paper and put it into your burning pot. Make sure the whole thing burns to ash.

Do that with each slip of paper. 

When you are complete, close your sitting. Give thanks for all of the releasement and healing that has taken place. Offer Gratitude. I always offer gratitude to those in my life whom I love, for opportunities I have, for perfect vibrant health, etc. Then offer prayers for others and for the planet. Be sure to thank those you called in to join you. I usually say – “Divine Mother Father, Friend, Beloved God thank you for all I receive. Angels and Archangels thank you for your presence in my life and here at this moon ritual. Ascended Masters, those from the Seen and Unseen Kingdoms, thank you for your presence in my life and at this ritual. To all of my loved ones on the other side of life thank you for your loving presence in my life and at this ritual. To all of you, stay if you will. Go if you must. Om. Peace. Amen.”  

You might simply say, “I AM” This is your ritual. Use whatever works for you!

 When you are complete, extinguish the candles flame and take the ashes outside. You can bury them or sprinkle them on a plant.

NOTE: Once you have released do not re-invoke it into your energy field. If you find yourself still thinking about the item you released, you have NOT released it. True releasing means Gone…gone…gone! Don’t beat yourself up. Sometimes we’re not really ready to release and sometimes we are ready to release something that’s been with us a long time and we release it bit by bit.

Remember, all things in divine order and perfect timing.

We are delighted to share our work with you. Please use anything you find useful for your own awakening. We are also delighted when you share our work. When using all or any portion of our work and please include the following: ©Kate Levensohn All rights reserved .www.TheAwakeningSoul.com

 So, here we are…The last full moon of summer!  How perfect that the last completion/releasement moon of summer brings us the energies of Pisces awakening us to our Heart Dreams…

What are the dreams you have only dared to dream?… What  is your soul awakening in you? 

 Dear Ones, dreams are Soul-Calls…Awaken now to the knowing that only you can move those dreams from the realm of yearning to  the realm of matter. 

 Now is the time to release obstacles to living a life of  LOVING  JOY!   What are you using to block your way? Do you believe you don’t deserve? Close your eyes and breathe…feel your perfect  Soul.  Do you believe other people and circumstances are keeping you from your heart’s desire?  Open your heart to the remembrance,  “It serves no one to extinguish the flame of your heart.”

We invite you now to connect to Spirit as you find the courage to release all that keeps you from living  your  dreams … Time to live the most delicious life you can imagine!

Sweet Dreams


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